Bolt Loader Pliers *

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Bolt Loader Pliers *
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The most dangerous part of the crossbow is THE RAIL - Bolt Loader protects your digits by keeping them out of the danger zone!

-Nock Adjustment Port to adjust knock alignment,

-Heavy Duty Bolt Puller to remove bolts from foam targets

-Grip Tips to maintain a steady and firm grip on the bolt

-Handle Strap Holes for securing to your wrist, backpack, or anywhere else desired (strap not included).

-also doubles as Lighted Nock Extinguisher allowing the user to easily and quickly snuff out an activated lighted nock.

Place bolt in the loading cone then slide the bolt down the rail into position. Follow instructions for your crossbow on how the bolt should seat. Release the bolt from the loading cone and you’re ready to shoot!


Be certain to follow your crossbow manufacturer's suggestions on how to use this device for loading bolts!

Neither the manufacturer, CenterCross Archery, or Wyvern Creations, LLC is responsible for any injury if:

1.) crossbow fires accidentally

2.) the manufacturer's instructions are not follow

3.) by malfunction of the crossbow

This device when used properly is only a preventative tool to keep hands and fingers away from the string and rail. You use this device at your own risk.

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