Custom Premium Excalibur Arrows *

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Custom Premium Excalibur Arrows *
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Sold in sets of 6, with 100grn field points included.

These are the same high-end arrows we use in our custom Wyvern Creations Excalibur packages!!!

We use either .001 Wyvern Dragon Claw; .001 Black Eagle Executioners; .001 Gold Tip Swift Pros's or .001 Zombie Slayers depending on the bow, custom fletch them with high helical white Blazer vanes and outfit them with 110grn brass inserts so 100grn heads fly the way the supposed to. Aluminum flat nocks are standard with an option for Lumenock HD Orange nocks (arrows will be shipped without nocks so the lighted ones dont turn on during shipping) and 100grn field points are included.

Sold in sets of 6 arrows

Micro 308, 315, 330, Axion, Grizzly, Matrix 310, 330, and Bulldog 330 use Gold Tip Swifts.

All others use Dragon Claw, Black Eagles or Zombie Slayers (normally we only use the Zombie Slayers in the high speed Bulldog, Micro or Matrix series bows)

Any question on application or recomended lenght or shaft please feel free to CONTACT US!!!

Excal Dragon Claws: 20” 430 grns, 18” 415 grns 16.5” 400 grns

Excal Black Eagle (same as above)

Excal Gold Tip Swift Pros: 20” 395 grns, 18” 380 grns, 16.5” 370 grns.

Excal Zombie Slayer: 20” 425 grns, 18” 410grns, 16.5” 400grns

Weights are total weight with 100 grn tip

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