Clarity Lens

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OMEGA Clarity Lens
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The Omega’s newest accessory is a result of recognizing that many users are seniors and have degenerative visual challenges, some needing reading glasses to see their reticles.

For those that struggle with focusing on the reticles or LCD screen due to visual challenges, the "Clarity Lens Adapter" may be the perfect solution.

Omega Sights developed an advanced technological collimating unit, called the "Clarity Lens" that adapts to all present and past Omega models and removes the struggle of having to use reading glasses or "cheaters" for viewing. It sharpens and magnifies the image for better clarity.

The Collimating "Clarity" Lens is an adapter that fits any Omega model. In short, a collimating lens bundles parallel rays perfectly, lining them up along an optical line-of-sight. It allows the user looking into it to see an illuminated aiming point aligned with the device the sight is attached to, regardless of eye position. The Collimating "Clarity" Lens simply snaps on the front of the Omega Unit and also doubles as a sunshield and is fog and scratch resistant.

This terrific accessory includes the precision polycarbonate coated lens and adapter housing.

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