Omega II Sight, Rangefinder, and HD Video Camera

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Omega II Sight
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The Omega II is a sight, rangefinder, and HD video camera all-in-one with several very cool features!

Please note that the Omega II uses an LCD screen and not an eye piece. If you need to wear glasses to see at distance you may find it hard to use, since the Omega does not have an adjustable focus.

•5 different reticle scales to match the shooting device you choose
•Low-Light Enhancement for pre-dawn, and post-dusk shooting
•A 2X to 6X Zoom feature
•A digital level on the LCD Screen
•A detachable sunshield for extreme sunlight condition
•Realtime ranging up to 600 yards
•HD 1080p Video recording
•Water resistant
•Simple elevation and windage adjustments
•Fits most all Crossbows, shotguns, rifles, handguns and even vertical compound bows.
•Continuous remote operation while shooting
•Sight projected onto an LCD screen
•Lightweight aluminum body 12.5 ounces
•Actual screen size is 1-1/2″ X 2″
•1 -year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty
•Instant “in-the-field” video playback on the LCD
•16 GB micro SD card included
•Remote control for minimal hand movement


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