Excalibur Assassin 420TD

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Excalibur Assassin 420TD
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With speeds of 420fps, the Excalibur Assassin 420 TD can take down any big-game animal on the planet. With a simple push of a button, Quick-Loc™ Technology allows Take-Down crossbows to be disassembled and reassembled in seconds without affecting accuracy. That means rock solid accuracy, every time. Just imagine the possibilities of being able to take a blistering 420fps of raw power with you virtually anywhere.

Our custom Assassin 420 TD package includes your choice of a TACT-100 Illuminated Scope or Hawke XB30 Compact Scope at no additional price! 

Our Package also includes:
An Upgrade to 6 of our custom Wyvern arrows, a pack of Slicktrick broadheads, Stringer, extra string, rail lube, Dr Stirrup Bumpers and an Excalibur Explorer Soft case...FREE!!!

Excalibur ASSASSIN 420 TD Package Includes:
TACT-100 Illuminated Scope or Hawke XB30 Compact Scope
Pro-Shot Trigger
4 Arrow quiver
6 of our custom Wyvern arrows
6 100gr Field points
30mm scope rings
Anti Dry-Fire System
Fair safe strap
R.E.D.S. Suppressors
Ambidextrous Cheekpiece

Speed [Up To]:420 FPS
Cocking Effort: 14 lb
Draw Weight: 290 lb
Overall Length: 33"-36"
Draw Length: 18.875"
Width Cocked: 23.25"
Width Uncocked: 30"
Weight [Bow Only]: 8 lb

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