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The Fastest, Lightest, Quietest, and Safest Cocking Device

Completely silent, and fully integrated into the stock, the new ACUdraw PRO converts crossbow draw weights to 5-pounds of effort. It features a newly designed internal gear system that silently cocks the crossbow and reduces the number of cranks needed to do so to 12 – an incredible 40% faster than previous ACUdraw models. With a new auto-engaging lever and ACUtorq crank handle that eliminates the possibility of over-cranking, it is the fastest, lightest, quietest, and safest cocking device on the market.

•Reduces draw weight to 5-pounds
•Silent operation
•Requires 12 full revolutions to cock most crossbows - 40% faster than the ACUdraw
•4-ounces lighter than the ACUdraw model
•New auto-engage lever activates the gear system immediately as cranking begins
•Included ACUtorq handle eliminates the possibility of over-cranking, and fits securely into the stock storage cavity
•Draws the bow accurately every time

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