FXairguns Pocket Chronograph

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FXairguns Pocket Chronograph
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An accurate chronograph, now in the palm of your hand!

In the chronograph world, you really only have two options: The expensive complicated units that gives you most of what you need, but cost far too much, or the cheaper models that are outdated, not very portable, are light sensitive/dependent, and often break easily.

FX is always looking for ways to revolutionize and improve our customers experience, and we decided to find a way to offer the best of both worlds - a chronograph of high quality that is surprisingly affordable.

Introducing the new FX Pocket Chronograph; a wireless radar chronograph that is both portable and packed with features. The Pocket Chronograph communicates via bluetooth to your smart phone. The app (available for both iOS and Android) will show you the feet per second your bow is at, it will store an exportable shot string, and even list the energy of your bow (in either foot pounds or joules). Users can store profiles for different arrow weights so you can easily use the Pocket Chronograph for all your tuning needs. Future updates to the app are expected so that the versatility of the app can grow and expand.

Keep in the mind the Pocket Chronograph is not just for crossbow use. Any projectile travelling under 1099 FPS can accurately be tracked. The Pocket Chronograph is perfect for archery, CO2 rifle and pistols, airsoft, slingshot, paintball and more.

Since the FX Pocket Chronograph uses radar technology, it will work in any weather conditions, even in the middle of the night. Unlike other chronographs, no external light sources are needed!

Simply place the chronograph below the end of the arrow, Open the FX radar app on your phone, and start firing away as the phone lists (or even calls out) your shot-string.

You'll happily scrap your old chronograph and easily place this chronograph in your bow case, or just literally slip it into your pocket!


Size: 72x70x42mm (2.75" x 2.75" x 1.7")

Weight: 133g (5 oz)

Interface: Bluetooth

Smart App: iOS & Android

App name: FX Radar

Measurement Tech: Doppler Radar

Velocity Range: <  335m/s (1099fps)

Power Source: 3x AAA Batteries

Mount: V-shaped mount (not in the picture) that allows you to mount the chrono to the barrel.

There is also a slot on the bottom side that allows you to mount the chrono on an edge, for example a fence.

Warranty:  1 year limited

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