TenPoint Xtend Crank Handle

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Xtend Crank Handle
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The XTEND Crank Handle adjusts length to make cocking your bow easier. When extended to its full length, the crank handle decreases the cocking effort by approximately 45% over the standard crank handle on all TenPoint gear-assisted cocking devices.

Also includes parts to convert the XTEND Adjustable Crank Handle from a square drive to a hex drive for use on ACUdraw PRO or ACUdraw units.

Standard XTEND Adjustable Crank Handle – adjusts to 7.5-inches (not compatible with the Havoc RS440 or Siege RS410)

Short XTEND Crank Handle – adjusts to 6-inches (compatible with the Havoc RS440 and Siege RS410)

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