About Us

With the internet still in its infancy Wyvern Creations was the innovator that gave the world one of the first crossbow specific on-line stores. However, we were not just another faceless website. We perfected the “online pro-shop experience” that others try to duplicate but never quite achieve. A quick view of our site and you will find we sell only the highest quality products and offer elite custom-tailored packages not available elsewhere. Along with those products comes our knowledge and customer service that has gained its own infamy on the various forums and websites our satisfied customers visit.

We don’t “sell you” a crossbow. We assess your wants and needs and give you the information you need to pick the right bow from the lines we carry. The only person that knows what you want is you and we give you the knowledge to make that decision right the first time. The crossbows we carry are the best the industry has to offer, and we promote those that are made in the U.S.A. That means that many brands simply do not live up to our standards and we will not offer them to our customers.

Our attention to detail and knowledge has allowed us to not only become the premiere crossbow dealer in America but to be actively involved in new bow development with some of the major brands in the industry. Year after year we have grown and expanded our lines and services to even include custom hydrographic camo dipping of bows, accessories, and skulls for our customers.

Your satisfaction is our goal. With personalized service, top-line products and unrivaled knowledge you can be sure that by dealing with us you’ve made the right decision.

David Wilkins