Wyvern Creations LLC generally will ship your order by FedEx ground home delivery (unless going to a business), or USPS Priority Mail if the product is small or not of excessive value.  PLEASE NOTE: Items shipped by FedEx ground will be shipped "Indirect Signature".  this requires that if you are not going to be there for the delivery you will have to leave a signed note for the delivery driver.  this is not only required with the shipping insurance but also helps to eliminate deliveries at random doorsteps with no ability to track them.  High Value USPS shipments will be shipped with signature required again for insurance and tracking reasons.  We CANNOT ship items no signature as we will have no recourse if they arrive damaged or are delivered to the wrong address.  Most orders are processed within 48 hours of receipt of payment. Backordered items will be shipped as soon as they become available. Any backordered item can be canceled, and the cost refunded, provided the part is still unavailable and has not either been shipped, is in transit to Wyvern Creations, LLC, or is a special-order item.

Once an item is in the hands of the shipping companies it is no longer under our control.  if it is damaged or lost in shipment contact us and we will place a claim and either get the item repaired or replaced as all items are insured by us.  

NOTE: we will have NO recourse with the shipping companies if they show the item "delivered" and it either was not delivered or it was stolen off your property.  With the amount of theft of items left by shipping companies once they show it "delivered" the item as far as they are concerned is "delivered" and no longer their responsibility.  We cannot replace or refund for items that we have shipped and show "delivered".  if its "lost" we can place a claim.  "Lost" is NOT the same as "Delivered and its not at your house".  "Delivered" means that the delivery driver scanned the item and left it theoretically at the address you provided.  The shipping companies will come back to us with any claim we make and say "it was delivered" and close the case.  This is the shipping companies policies, not ours.  we will do all we can to help but it may simply come down to your product being gone and we cant do anything about it.  International shipments are worse.  Once the item leaves the Country USPS has no ability to trace it beyond it being in customs in the receiving Country.  shipping international is at your own risk as some Countries are absolutely horrible at "losing" packages. 

DAMAGED DELIVERIES:  Contact us with any damage found in shipping.  Please note that we will NOT replace an entire shipment if there is only one, repairable part damaged!!  For example: if the foot loop is bent on your bow we will replace the foot loop NOT the entire bow!!!!  

Returns should be made within 30 days from date of invoice.  Please contact us to process a return.

Return credits or refunds will be for the value of the product ONLY!  shipping costs that were charged to ship the item to you will not be refunded.  It is the customers responsibility to arrange and pay for returning the item to us and it is at the customers expense.  We do not provide return shipping labels or credit for return shipments to us.

Merchandise returned within 30 days from the date of invoice may receive full credit upon inspection. A 20% restocking fee will be charged after 30 days. NO returns after 6 months.

Credit or refunds will only be issued upon receipt and inspection of the returned merchandise in new condition and in original box.


Special-order merchandise is NOT RETURNABLE.

Credit and/or return authorization will not be issued under the following conditions:

a) Items were not purchased from Wyvern Creations, LLC.

b) Items have been discontinued by the manufacturer.

c) Items that are defective, that have an issue that can be repaired or replaced under the manufacturer's warranty, or that have been mounted or installed.

d) Item has been used, installed, fired, registered, or is not returned in the factory box or exactly as we shipped it out.  Items for returns have to be 100% re-sellable and in no way "used".  ANY shots taken on a bow is considered "used".

e) Item was improperly or poorly packaged when shipped back to us.  if we get back a product that was tossed in a box with no packing material and was slammed around during transport we will not provide a refund.  Please properly and securely pack any return and arrange for insurance on any high dollar item.

Returns are subject to manufacturer policies. Some manufacturers charge a higher restocking fee, limit return times, etc. Sorry, we do not make their policies.

We are not liable for down time or damages due to misapplications, warranty issues, or delays in shipping or product availability.

Please read the owner's manual or any additional information that comes with your purchase for manufacturer's specific policies.

Any modifications made to the bow that void the manufacturer's warranty also void our ability to service your bow.  You void the warranty on your bow, you're on your own.

The bows and other equipment we sell ALL require varying degrees of skill to use properly and many have multiple steps that must be followed exactly and in proper order to provide reliable performance and achieve accuracy and durability.  Written instructions are included with every product and there are multiple instructional videos on ours and the manufacturers websites and YouTube pages that will guide you thru proper use.  Failure to follow these procedures and steps can result in poor performance and/or damage to the bow.  NOTHING we sell is difficult to use but it does require the owner to practice the steps and learn them.  We cannot warranty an item because you failed to use it correctly given the amount of information on its use that is available.  We also will not take back a product because "there are too many steps for me to remember".  We sell weapons that are designed to kill animals.  they require 100% of your attention to use properly.  if you feel you cannot or will not put that level of attention and practice into using these products feel free to contact us or the manufacturer to review procedures to see if the product will fit your needs prior to purchase.



Wyvern Creations, LLC cannot be held liable for personal injury, or property damage due to the improper use of the equipment we sell. Guidelines for our products safe use are outlined in the owner's manual. Owner's manual MUST be read prior to use and all guidelines followed.