Excalibur Micro 380 Pro in Realtree Escape

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Excalibur Micro 380 Pro in Realtree Escape
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Excalibur Crossbow’s Micro 380 is the true definition of performance and maneuverability with recurve simple durability. The latest addition to the Micro series features High Output Limbs to create an ultracompact, virtually bullet proof hunting machine generating up to 380 feet per second. The Micro 380 is the first in the series to feature Ceasefire technology, the ultimate in safety to ensure the crossbow cannot be fired unless an arrow is loaded. Perfect for the run and gun, spot and stock hunter when lightweight and comfort is a must, or the treestand and ground blind hunter where space is limited.  The PRO kit includes and upgraded scope and all of Excaliburs sound dampening accessories.

Our custom Micro 380 PRO package includes your choice of a Excalibur Overwatch Illuminated Scope or Hawke XB30 Compact Scope at no additional price!  Our Package also includes:

An Upgrade to 6 of our custom Wyvern arrows, a pack of Slicktrick broadheads, Stringer, spare string, rail lube and DR Strirrup Bumpers, FREE!!!

Package Includes:
•Overwatch Crossbow Scope with 30mm scope rings or Hawke XB30 Compact 1.5-6
•R.E.D.S. Suppressors
•Sound Deadening System
•Ambidextrous Cheekpiece
•4 Arrow quiver
• 6 of our custom Wyvern arrows
•6 100gr Field points
•Owners Manual

•Speed [Up To]: 380 FPS
•Draw Length: 14.75"
•Weight [Bow Only]: 5.9 lb
•Overall Length: 33"




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