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Versa-Nock was designed with the optimum geometry to not only provide accuracy but also safety in case an arrow is indexed out of time. With a proprietary polymer, the Versa-Nock provides a durable nock to take the punishment of high speed bows.

Versa-Nocks come in one dozen nocks per pack

Choose .300 ID or .298 ID (.298 only available in white)

Versa-Nock is designed for an array of crossbows. However, it is NOT designed for bows that require a "clip-on" nock. Consult the manufactures recommendations.

First step is to index the nock to be perpendicular to the cock vane. Press in with your fingers until snug. On a piece of cardboard hold the arrow vertical and press the nock in until seated. DO NOT press the nock in on a hard surface or damage to the wings could occur.

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