Ravin Lighted Nocks

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Ravin Lighted Nocks
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(Will NOT work in R500 series bows)

Ultra-bright orange Ravin Lighted Nocks are easy to track in flight, and to find in the target, tree, or on the ground after a shot.  Please keep in mind that these lighted nocks are slightly heavier than Ravin non-lighted nocks and will have an effect on the downrange flight profile of the arrow.

For those looking to maintain pinpoint down-range accuracy, we are offering the Match-Grade Lighted Arrows. These arrows have the same weight and balance as the Ravin-branded non-lighted arrows.

LED illuminated nocks

Contain a built-in lithium battery

Ultra-bright orange color is easy-to-track in flight

LumenokTM Technology

Sold in packs of 3

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