Outlaw 420 Crossbow Custom Wyvern Package

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Dar-Out 420
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The Outlaw 420 is a brilliant fusion of speed, silence, accuracy, adaptability, and undeniably, exceptional aesthetics. Crafted with an emphasis on precision, velocity, and longevity, this crossbow delivers on its promises. Delivering fifty-yard, nickel-sized groups is a breeze for the Outlaw 420, demonstrating its impressive precision. This powerhouse shoots at a true 420+ FPS using a 400-grain arrow, delivering not just 'up to' speeds, but reliable velocity with real-life arrows. Despite its blistering speed, it remarkably maintains a quiet operation—a feat not easily achieved.
Designed with an AR platform stock, a Picatinny rail grip, and an incredibly robust Picatinny rail for the scope, it is engineered for optimal performance. This crossbow is indeed built by experts for enthusiasts who demand the best.

Wyvern Custom Package Includes:
4 Arrow Darton Quiver
6 Black Eagle Executioner 22in. .001 Arrows
6 Field Points 100 GR.
A pack of broadheads
Hawke XB30 PRO Illuminated Crossbow Scope
Scope Rings
Rail & String Lube
Darton Soft Case

Speed: (400 Gr.) 420+ FPS
Power Stroke: 15.5"
Peak Draw Weight: 205 LBS.
Mass Weight: 9 LBS.
Axle To Axle at Brace: 13 1/8"
Axle To Axle at Full Draw: 9 3/4"
O.A.L: 30.5"
Bowstring: 33 1/2""
Cables: 19 5/8"

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