Lakewood Drop-in Crossbow Case

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Lakewood Drop-in Crossbow Case
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We've tricked these out with our cool "Wyvernized" logo stiched into the side of the case!!!

All Lakewood cases are what we call soft-sided hard cases. They offer all of the protection of any hard case without being hard. You get structural integrity without structural severity. Or, to put it a different way, they’re tough without being rough.

Most bowhunters travel by truck and hunt out of the back of their truck. Now there is a series of bow cases made for the truck traveling bowhunter — Lakewood’s “Back-of-the-Truck” Drop-In Crossbow Case. Unlike soft cases, a Lakewood case offers hard case protection. Unlike hard cases which open like a book, a Lakewood case features top loading, drop-in design for easy access-even in the back of an over-packed truck.

Includes arrow storage case and broadhead and accessory case.

-Designed to fit compact Ravin R10, R20 and TenPoint Stealth NXT, Shadow NXT, Turbo M1 and Titan M1 crossbows
-Heavy duty shoulder strap, rubber end handle and wheels make for easy transporting
-Drop in design with quiver on for easy in easy out
-Webbing straps with Velcro wraps around to secure the bow for safe travel
-Dual compartment storage
-Significant amount of room for hunting clothes and accessories
-TSA Compliant
-Outside dimensions: 38” L x 13” W x 16.5” H
-Bow storage dimensions: 36.5” L x 7.5” W x 16” H


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