Wyvernized SUB-1 Package

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Wyvernized SUB-1
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We took the SUB-1 and customized it in to a complete hunting package. We replaced the Hawke XB1 Scope with a Hawke XB30 Pro SR. We also replaced the factory arrows with a Dozen (12) of our Dragon Claw custom arrows and added a 3 pack of NAP Killzone broadheads.

Designed to be the most accurate, quiet, easy to use crossbow on the market, the SUB-1 consistently delivers groups less than 1” at 100 yards and features an innovative trigger system that has the ability to safely de-cock with the push of a button. With its compact frame and uncompromising commitment to high quality materials, the SUB-1 promises an unmatched shooting experience.


Speed (Up To): 385FPS (350GR Arrow)
Physical Weight: 7.5LBS
Draw Weight (Adjustable): 200LBS
Trigger Pull: 3.4LBS
Powerstroke: 13.75
Length: 30.25"
Width (axle-to-axle): 10.7"cocked / 13.8"uncocked


Match Grade Trigger:
Fully contained rolling sear dual-stage tigger set at a crisp 3.4 pounds
Retention Arm:
Two-stage arrow retention are allows for smooth and effortless loading while applying optimal downward pressure for a secure hold to increase accuracy
De-Cocking Button:
First-of-its-kind feature that allows for safe de-cocking without pulling the trigger or shooting a bolt - no more bag targets, discharge heads, and broken bolts.
Sync X™ Cam:
This high let off, fully synced cam system eliminates horizontal nock travel providing uniform arrow launch and effortless cocking and de-cocking.
Patented Flight Deck:
The flight deck is as crucial to the accuracy of a crossbow as the barrel is to a rifle. The patented CNC machined rail eliminates vertical nock travel for unmatched accuracy.
Precision Stock:
This rifle inspired stock allows for 6 different length of pull adjustments and 1.25 inches of adjustment in the comb for a customized fit.
Pistol Grip:
The pistol grip is contoured for a positive grip and can be configured with any AR-style grip (non-beavertail style grips)

SUB-1 Pro Package Includes:

Hawke XB30 PRO SR Illuminated scope
Match Grade Rings
12 Wyvern Dragon Claw Arrows with 100 Grain Field Points
Mission MX-3 Quiver
A 3 Pack of NAP Killzone Broadheads
Mission Cocking Aid
Rail Lube



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