Arizona Archery EZ-Fletch

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Hand-held tool fletches a dozen arrows in 30 minutes. Precisely applies 3 feathers or vanes at one time. Rotating nock receiver lets you preset nock position. Automatically adjusts to fit any shaft diameter from 1/4" to 3/8".

Compact, lightweight, and portable. 10-1/2" long. Weighs 8 oz. Includes 3 fletch arms. This is the jig we use...Crossbow arrows are best fletched with no nocks if they are half moon style. When fletching crossbow arrows the best way to use this tool is to slowly fold the arms up onto the shaft by hand while making sure the shaft does not shift side to side. This will insure a straight, even fletch.

The photo shows accessories that are not included with the jig, this is just the jig itself. The Jig is available in straight, helical, and crossbow helical (Bolt). the Bolt is made for 2" vanes and puts a very high offset on the fletch. This may cause them to drag on some bows with narrow rail grooves.

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