Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph

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Caldwell Ballistic Chronograph
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Provides accurate velocity measurements across a wide range of shooting conditions!

By using a high speed, 48 MHz processor with a circuit designed with an advanced data interface allowing each unit to be computer calibrated at the factory for higher accuracy.

Designed to be easy to operate - velocity displayed in feet per second (fps) or meters per second (mps) on a large, built-in LCD screen.

You can also view the shot string velocity data through the 15' audio jack cable (included) - connected to your smartphone or mobile device.

A free app is available:

- displays velocity of each shot on screen

- records it with other data identifying the load and environmental conditions

- automatically calculates average velocity, standard deviation, min, max, & velocity spread

- data is stored and can be exported via email or recalled for later

- extra wide sunshades for better reliability on sunny days

- measures from 5 to 9,999 fps

- 1/4 - 20 threaded insert on bottom of housing for tripod mounting

- operates on 9 volt battery (not included)

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