SightLok Rangefinder Mount

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If you shoot or hunt with a rangefinder, the Sightlok RF-1 is a tool which helps you range and shoot faster and more accurately.

The Sightlok RF-1 is a patent-pending universal rangefinder mount for rifles and crossbows. Azimuth/Windage and Elevation Adjustments enable you to co-align/co-witness your laser range finder with your rifle scope.

Once aligned, the need to separately deploy and aim the rangefinder to range the target is eliminated. Place the scope crosshairs over the target and press the range button, and the step of ranging the target is done.

Benefits include:
– Faster ranging
– More accurate ranging due to better optics and greater stability
– Better view of ranged targets using scope optics
– Scope and rangefinder operate as a single-unit
– Fast view switching between rangefinder & scope
– Faster firing solutions
– Fewer missed shot opportunities
– Increased first round hit potential

The Sightlok RF-1 is designed and made in the U.S.A. from aerospace grade aluminum alloy with MIL-A-8625 spec Type III anodized hard coat finished in matt black.

The Sightlok RF-1 features 4 quick hand tightened thumbscrews that provides consistent and secure mounting of laser range finders.

Non-slip rubber on the clamp surfaces ensures that the rangefinder is held securely but not scratched by the clamp.

Four adjustable clamps enable the rangefinder point-of-aim to be precisely adjusted to match the point-of-aim of the scope.

The Sightlok RF-1 mounts securely to any Picatinny (MIL-STD 1913) or Weaver rail.

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