Ten Point TX440 - The Outdoor Life Bow

Ten Point TX440 - The Outdoor Life Bow

Posted by Mike Lobus on 10th Jun 2024

Recently Outdoor Life published an article comparing grouping accuracy of various bows. I was skeptical of some of the results spotlighting those said arrow groups. I have one of the bows on the list of bows they released and knew what I was seeing differed from their results. A lot can go into an accuracy test. Some bows on design alone must be held a certain way in order achieve the max potential of that crossbow. I also do not read Outdoor Life and saw the results published on an open crossbow forum.

I was contacted by Ten Point and asked if I would be interested in doing an independent shooting test. That’s all that was mentioned. After I agreed, I found out that the bow they wanted me to shoot was that very TX 440 featured in the Outdoor Life test. Here were my parameters; don’t modify anything, shoot what we send you, and shoot out to 50 yards. Document the results. Hey, I can handle that!

The bow isn’t mine. That means I didn’t feel any pressure to justify my purchase. I have no affiliation with Ten Point Crossbows. As I write this, I own three crossbows and two of them are by competitors of Ten Point. I am not compensated for time and testing.

The TX 440 arrived to me the Friday leading into Memorial Weekend. I am a sales manager by trade for a food company. The build up for Memorial Day week and into the holiday is a seven-day advent. Ten Point knew this and told me there was no time crunch.

I assembled the bow, familiarized myself with the new cocking system called the ACCUslide MAXX along with the loading procedures. The new cocking system along with the new AR style trigger and thumb safety are a nice upgrade in my opinion. The trigger is now a Trigger Tech. Nice and light with a clean break. The only negative for me, and this is a personal preference, I would prefer taller scope rings.

With the double riser and new railess design, loading the bow requires you to pay attention and get comfortable with the new process. The ole slide the arrow down the rail until it seats against the string is gone with the TX 440. Not calling it bad or difficult, just pointing out its different.

The bow is equipped with a speed compensating scope containing multiple reticles. I zeroed the bow at 20 yards. Moved back to 40 yards and finetuned the aiming point. I shot single arrows and was impressed with the bow and its new features and its accuracy I was experiencing. I use a Bogg Death Grip to steady the bow for shooting. A bench would be a more solid way of shooting because your shooting elbow would be supported making for a more stable platform. What I do works just fine. I added a second arrow and shot a two-shot group. Almost touching! We’ll call it a ½” group at 40 yards.

I was confident with the results at 40 yards, 50 yards would turn out fine. Before I share the results at 50 yards, I will tell you I shot the bow as much as possible over a five-day period. That was mainly in the evenings after work. It was also during the heat of the day. In Virginia, we go from winter to summer in a blink of an eye. Four seasons? Nope!

As you can plainly see, my back yard is anything but flat. You really must pay attention and try to keep the bow level to avoid canting of the bow to the left. I don’t use a level attached to the bow so it’s all though scope for me using my eyes only to make sure those reticles are level. I can squeeze in roughly a 55-yard shot in my yard. I’m not a shoot it across the county guy so I’m good with my limits.

I moved the target to 50 yards and spun it around until I had a larger aiming circle. Black crosshairs get lost on black targets trying to shoot tiny dots. Here’s what my view looks like:

Trust me, the target is down there! I fired two arrows and felt pretty good about them. I didn’t hear a crack, so I know I didn’t hit the first arrow with the second one. I was more than happy with the results. How’s this for accuracy at 50 yards:

Below is the original results chart. The first and third column represents Ten Points findings before and after the Outdoor Life article. I added the column to the far right. My honest results outperform both Ten Point and Outdoor Life. Maybe it is time for Ten Point to pay me!!!