TenPoint Crossbow Cables

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TenPoint Crossbow Cables
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All TenPoint crossbow strings and cables are made with the optimum combination of materials and design.

*Cables color, material and required number of cable twists vary by model.

Turbo extreme/Magnum extreme HCA-124 13
Elite X-2/Magnum X-2/Stealth X-2/Turbo X-2 HCA-124 13
Hybrid Lite/Elite Lite HCA-124 13
Pro Fusion/Pro Slider/Titan HLX HCA-124 13
Pro elite/elite QX-4/elite/QX-4 HCA-124 13
Maverick HP/Pro elite HP/blazer HP/ Lazer HP HCA-124 13
Maverick HP/Pro elite HP/blazer HP/ Lazer HP HCA-124 13
Phantom Xtra/Phantom CLS/Shadow CLS/ Defender CLS HCA-12307 8-Jun
Carbon Xtra CLS/Carbon Fusion CLS HCA-12307 8-Jun
Stealth XLT/Turbo XLT HCA-12710 7-May
Turbo XLT II/Carbon Elite XLT/Stealth SS HCA-12912 11-Sep
Shadow Ultra-Lite/Tactical XLT/Turbo GT/Renegade XLT HCA-12912-R Pre-twisted
Titan Xtreme HCA-12612 12-Oct
Titan SS/Renegade HCA-12616-S Pre-twisted
GT Curve/GT Flex/GT Mag N/A N/A
Vapor HCA-12813 Pre-twisted*
Venom HCA-12514 Pre-twisted**
Venom Xtra/Stealth FX4 HCA-12515-O Pre-twisted**
Carbon Nitro RDX HCA-13116-R Pre-twisted
Nitro X, Nitro XRT HCA-70418 Pre-twisted
Nitro XRT HCA-70418 Pre-twisted
Stealth NXT & Shadow NXT HCA-70418 Pre-twisted
Turbo M1 HCA-11619-C Pre-twisted
Titan M1 HCA-11619-C Pre-twisted
Viper 430 HCA-70419 Pre-twisted
Vengent S440 & Viper S400, Stealth 450, Vapor RS470, Turbo S1 HCA-70418 Pre-twisted
Havoc RS440 & Siege RS410, Flatline 460 HCA-70418 Pre-twisted
Nitro 505 HCA-70418 Pre-twisted
Titan 400, Venom X HCA-11622 Pre-twisted
TX 440 HCA-70421 Pre-twisted
TRX 515 HCA-70420 Pre-twisted
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